Jails Release Inmates Due to Coronavirus!

Nationwide jails and prisons are taking precautionary measures to keep inmates healthy and the deadly coronavirus out of inmate populations. Many states are releasing inmates by the hundreds and the some people in the community are worried if their safety is at risk due to the recent inmate releases.

Virginia Beach is one of the jails who is taking the coronavirus serious and many inmates in Virginia Beach woke up this morning with a surprise from their attorney notifying inmates of emergency bail bond hearings to be heard as early as Tuesday, March 17 2020. (more to come on virginia beach jail and the coronavirus)

There have been no reports of COVID-19 inside the Virginia Beach Jail or any jails in the U.S. The United States has more people incarcerated per capita than any other country in the world. In other nations prisons and local jails have been hot spots for the coronavirus.

Stay tuned for more information about jails and the coronavirus.

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