Arrested in Virginia Beach, Virginia on Vacation.

Welcome to Virginia Beach! where you come on vacation and leave on Pre-Trial probation! Unfortunately Virginia Beach, Virginia is becoming a vacation town filled with tourists who end up getting very familiar with the local VA Beach courthouse and VB probation officers! Here are some tips incase you case arrested in Virginia Beach while on vacation and you need assistance in getting out of the local VB jail.

  • Do NOT curse or yell on the Virgina Beach boardwalk

  • Do NOT ride scooters on the oceanfront (if you do GO SLOW)

  • Do NOT drink alcoholic beverages on the Virginia Beach, Oceanfront beach.

  • Do NOT run up to the police offers while on call to a scene (they need to do their job and you don't want to mistake them for someone involved)

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY be mindful of how the Virginia Beach Police officers have to quickly analyze a situation in order to properly react and most importantly make sure the public is safe. Respect authorities and they will respect you as well.



Affordable Bail Bonds LLC is the ONLY licensed Bail Bonding located within walking distance of the Virginia Beach Jail and Magistrates office. Do not be fooled by the false advertisements you see online or inside the jail claiming they are minutes from the jail or that they provide "discount bail bonds".

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